Greywater Management System, a Solution for the Future

The Botanica K apartment building in Prague’s Jinonice District is totally unique on a local level thanks to its system for greywater management. In this system, water from bathrooms (specifically from sinks, baths and showers) is reused, after simple purification, for flushing toilets. If there is not enough greywater from these sources, the system is topped up with collected rainwater or drinking water.

Did you know that...

  1. The average Prague resident flushes away 25 litres of drinking water a day in his/her household, which is 9,125 litres each year.

    This is similar to the amount you use if you take 91 baths.

  2. If all new Botanica K project flat owners behave like the average Prague resident, they can save approximately 3,820 litres of drinking water every day.

    In a year this adds up to an unbelievable 13,961 bathtubs filled to the brim. It is also the same amount of drinking water that would make one person comfortable for 38 years, 3 months and 1 day.

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