Apartment BK22207


A classic 3 kk flat is ideal for almost everyone. It is already sufficiently large and, for a family, three rooms represent both enough space and privacy. Parents can arrange their own bedroom and children will be pleased to have their own room in which they can play. Domestic tranquillity can be enjoyed either in the spacious living room or on the balcony / loggia / terrace, where for example, you can grill something tasty. Of course we did also take storage space into account. You will be able to store all your necessary items without any problem.

Floor plan, Prague 5, Botanica K (1, 2), BK22207
Situation plan, Prague 5, Botanica K (1, 2), BK22207
Apartment Facts
Status: Sold
Type: Apartment
Apartment number: BK22207
Features: 3+kk
Floor: 2
Living area: 82.95 m²
Terrace: 23.45 m²
Orientation: JV
Price incl. VAT: 6,690,700 Kč
Move in date: Summer 2018
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Amount:6 021 630 Kč (90% LTV)
Number of payments:360
Interest rate:2.74%
Monthly payment:24 551 Kč
** The mortgage is not available for a garage/cellar only without a loan for an apartment. The data are informative, please contact a mortgage specialist for detailed information.
Daniel Tomaševič

Daniel Tomaševič

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Kateřina Hercogová

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Šárka Plechatá

Šárka Plechatá

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