Apartment BF07702


Do you love to have space? Then our flats that have a 4 kk layout will be just the ticket for you! The most usual denizens of these spacious flats are families with a larger number of children. By having his/her own room each child will be able to enjoy his or her own. Any free room, however, can also be used as a dressing room or as a private study or a guest room. Thanks to the well-planned division of the space you will always have enough light indoors. Our residential buildings, as a matter of course, provide low energy standard and thereby you will be able to save on energy expenses.

Pudorys BF07702
1 / 2 - Floor plan, Prague 9, Čtvrť Emila Kolbena, BF07702
Situace BF07702
2 / 2 - Situation plan, Prague 9, Čtvrť Emila Kolbena, BF07702
Apartment Facts
Status: Sold
Type: Apartment
Apartment number: BF07702
Features: 4+kk
Floor: 7
Living area: 94 m²
Terrace: 59.1 m²
Orientation: SVZ
Price incl. VAT: 7,900,000 Kč
Move in date: Spring 2020
Disclaimer: Used images and all information are provided for information purposes only.
Amount:6 320 000 Kč (80% LTV)
Number of payments:360
Interest rate:2.89%
Monthly payment:26 272 Kč
** The mortgage is not available for a garage/cellar only without a loan for an apartment. The data are informative, please contact a mortgage specialist for detailed information.

Main contacts

Kateřina Hercogová

Kateřina Hercogová

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Daniel Tomaševič

Daniel Tomaševič

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Šárka Plechatá

Šárka Plechatá

+420 737 256 077 E-mail
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