Apartment BG03311


Are you about to get your first independent living-space? A small 1 kk flat of size is quite sufficient for a single person. A flat like this is affordable and easy to keep tidy, while still providing every comfort. One room, together with a kitchenette and a bathroom. This new home will be the starting-point for your first steps towards independence. In summer you can sit on the balcony / loggia / terrace. Just one step and you’ll be warming yourself in the sun. A 1 kitchenette flat is also a good investment because it is so easy to rent-out. When you decide to move into a bigger flat you can simply rent your flat to tenants - perhaps students or people who are working in Prague and are in need of housing.

Floor plan, Prague 9, Čtvrť Emila Kolbena, BG03311
Situation plan, Prague 9, Čtvrť Emila Kolbena, BG03311
Apartment Facts
Status: Sold
Type: Apartment
Apartment number: BG03311
Features: 1+kk
Floor: 3
Living area: 37.1 m²
Loggia: 7.8 m²
Orientation: SV
Price incl. VAT: 3,190,000 Kč
Move in date: Spring 2020
Disclaimer: Used images and all information are provided for information purposes only.
Amount:2 552 000 Kč (80% LTV)
Number of payments:360
Interest rate:2.89%
Monthly payment:10 609 Kč
** The mortgage is not available for a garage/cellar only without a loan for an apartment. The data are informative, please contact a mortgage specialist for detailed information.

Main contacts

Kateřina Hercogová

Kateřina Hercogová

+420 737 256 231 E-mail
Daniel Tomaševič

Daniel Tomaševič

+420 725 410 777 E-mail
Šárka Plechatá

Šárka Plechatá

+420 737 256 077 E-mail
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