Apartment BA03304


Are you about to get your first independent living-space? A small 1 kk flat of size is quite sufficient for a single person. A flat like this is affordable and easy to keep tidy, while still providing every comfort. One room, together with a kitchenette and a bathroom. This new home will be the starting-point for your first steps towards independence. In summer you can sit on the balcony / loggia / terrace. Just one step and you’ll be warming yourself in the sun. A 1 kitchenette flat is also a good investment because it is so easy to rent-out. When you decide to move into a bigger flat you can simply rent your flat to tenants - perhaps students or people who are working in Prague and are in need of housing.

Floor plan, Prague 11, Gemma Residence, BA03304 - Apartment 1+kk, 3NP
Situation plan, Prague 11, Gemma Residence, BA03304 - Apartment 1+kk, 3NP
Apartment Facts
Status: Reserved
Type: Apartment
Apartment number: BA03304
Features: 1+kk
Floor: 3
Living area: 31.6 m²
Loggia: 7 m²
Orientation: V
Price incl. VAT: 3,498,000 Kč
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Amount:3 148 200 Kč (90% LTV)
Number of payments:360
Interest rate:2.74%
Monthly payment:12 836 Kč
** The mortgage is not available for a garage/cellar only without a loan for an apartment. The data are informative, please contact a mortgage specialist for detailed information.
Martin Polnický

Martin Polnický

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Daniel Tomaševič

Daniel Tomaševič

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Kateřina Hercogová

Kateřina Hercogová

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Šárka Plechatá

Šárka Plechatá

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