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Prague 11, Chodovec

BA02201 / 3+kk / 73m2
Premium living


Prague 11, Chodovec

BA02203 / 4+kk / 90m2


Prague 11, Chodovec

BA04401 / 3+kk / 73m2

The city and forest park at your fingertips

The area near Košíkovský Creek, which flows right past the Gemma Residence, has been settled by humans since prehistoric times. The Michle Forest, Kunratice Forest, Hostivař Forest Park – Chodov is surrounded by wooded areas on nearly all sides. These areas provide residents with the perfect place to relax and get away.

Shopping and multiplex cinema

Besides its connection to nature and opportunities for active relaxation, Chodov also has everything you need on a practical level. The Centrum Chodov shopping mall offers a wide range of shops and services just a five-minute bus ride away. You can buy everything you need for your family and pets, visit designer boutiques and see the latest blockbuster at Prague’s newest multiplex cinema.

Relaxing on the beach

In the summer months you can head out to the Hostivař Reservoir with its new wooden pier to cool off and have fun on the “beach”. And if playing in the water isn’t really your thing, you might enjoy spending some time on the water in a paddle boat or zorb ball, or just taking a stroll through the forest park around the reservoir.

Adjacent Affinity House, which Gemma Residence follows architecturally.

„Gemma Residence has something to offer to everyone looking for life within the reach of nature, but also enjoying the comfort of the city.“
Pavel Stáhlík, project leader