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Prague 9, Vysočany

BB10526 / 1+kk / 34m2
Premium living


Prague 9, Vysočany

BB10529 / 4+kk / 97m2


Prague 9, Vysočany

BB10611 / 1+kk / 34m2
Premium living


Prague 9, Vysočany

BB10613 / 4+kk / 98m2
Premium living


Prague 9, Vysočany

BB10710 / 4+kk / 105m2
Premium living


Prague 9, Vysočany

BB10711 / 4+kk / 98m2


Prague 9, Vysočany

BC10232 / 1+kk / 38m2


Prague 9, Vysočany

BC20118 / 3+kk / 97m2
Premium living


Prague 9, Vysočany

BC20236 / 4+kk / 103m2
Premium living


Prague 9, Vysočany

BC20336 / 4+kk / 103m2


Prague 9, Vysočany

BC20437 / 2+kk / 70m2
Premium living


Prague 9, Vysočany

BC20438 / 4+kk / 104m2

Čtvrť Emila Kolbena

And since the area around Rokytka is popular with residents of Prague and those who aspire to become one of them, the location is fast becoming a sought-after address. According to the zoning plan of Prague, Nové Vysočany (New Vysočany) will undergo an unbelievable transformation. A modern urban centre with complete infrastructure and services will be built, to sensitively continue the tradition and preserve the historical footprint of the industrial past. The unique genius loci will be felt in the atmosphere.

Everything at your fingertips

Locals in Vysočany enjoy excellent transport connections thanks to the Metro and tram lines, great shopping at Fénix and Harfa shopping centres and the sprawling Podviní park with two playgrounds, stone castle and a rope centre. The park is situated next to a hospital with an outpatient clinic which offers a full scope of healthcare services. Vysočany also has state and private kindergartens, elementary schools and several secondary schools. Culture is represented by the Gong Theatre, for instance; the Pod Palmovkou Theatre is only one Metro stop away.

For athletes and artists

The well-known O2 Arena, a multifunctional venue with the capacity of 18,000 on the border of Libeň and Vysočany, is a local dominant.  Vysočany also offers plenty of options for those who are into sports – a sports centre with pools and saunas, a year-round skiing, snowboarding and freestyle centre and the Rokytka cycle path, to name a few. If you lean towards the creative, Pragovka is the home to about 70 artists’ studios.