Virtual reality

Fall in love with a new home at the first virtual sight

As the first developer in the Czech Republic, we use virtual reality for all of our new residential projects for selected apartment layouts. You can see your dream apartment before you buy it.

Thanks to modern technology and special 3D glasses, you can walk through the selected apartments room by room. This helps you decide which disposition best suits your needs. In addition, with simple operation, you can change the décor of floors and doors in a short while, and choose tiles in the bathroom. This makes it easy to choose which equipment suits you best.

All new projects in VR360

In virtual reality, the customer can see the most typical disposition of the apartments of the project.

Albatros Kbely 2

Virtual tour

Park Cihelka 1

Virtual tour

Albatros Kbely 1

Virtual tour

Port Karolína 4

Virtual tour

Emil Kolben District 2

Virtual tour

Residence Čertův vršek

Virtual tour

Virtual reality from the comfort of your home

Virtual tours can also be tested from your home. In the Skanska Home Center you can buy your own cardboard glasses with a QR code. Moving around the apartment will allow darts to just focus your sight. You can even walk around the new apartment in your own home.

How do cardboard
glasses work?